Social Gifting App Wrapp Hits 1 Million Users (Because People Like Free Stuff)

16 Jan, 2013

Social gifting startup Wrapp is currently announcing that it has grown a user bottom to 1 million within 14 months – explanation that people unequivocally do suffer freebies, it seems. The company, that allows users to send both giveaway and paid digital gifts and present cards to friends, also had a bustling holiday season, attack 1 million gifts sent per week during a period. And it saw 100,000 present redemptions per week by a finish of December.

In total, there were 7.4 million gifts given to date, a association tells TechCrunch.

For what it’s worth, Wrapp’s 1 million users, over half of that are U.S.-based, isn’t a same as downloads, nonetheless rather means active users who have both downloaded a app and who have sent during slightest one present by a service. Most users send more, and a normal Wrapp user – a rarely desired female, age 20-35 – sends around 5 gifts per month.

In a announcement, a association compares a arise to 1 million users by positioning a stand opposite other obvious startups, that is interesting. Pinterest reached 1 million after 20 months, Twitter and Gilt Groupe after 24 months, and Kickstarter and Airbnb took 30 months, a association says. But these aren’t unequivocally apples-and-oranges comparisons, since Wrapp is about gifting layered on tip of social, while Pinterest and Twitter are especially about social. Meanwhile, Gilt is for shopping, Kickstarter is for fundraising, and Airbnb is for travel.

It would be some-more fair, perhaps, to review Wrapp with other “gifting” startups, nonetheless a biggest aspirant in a U.S. would have substantially been Karma, that was acquired by Facebook usually a month after Wrapp entered a U.S. market. (Wrapp was founded in Sweden, actually). Meanwhile, other competitors like San Francisco-based Giftly or Sincerely’s Sesame are a small bit too new on a stage to make for a inestimable comparison, and semi-competitor Gyft is focused on earthy (i.e plastic) present cards, not “social gifting.”

And then, of course, there’s what became of Karma: Facebook Gifts, that has a intensity marketplace of some 170+ million (though expected usually a fragment of that switched on). Plus, outward of iTunes digital present cards, Facebook is especially about shipping earthy gifts, not practical ones, like in Wrapp.

The problem here is that a other gifting startups aren’t pity their user numbers publicly during this point, so these comparisons are tough to come by. (We’ve asked Distimo and App Annie for some numbers, nonetheless a companies haven’t nonetheless come through. Will refurbish if they do.)

So because is Wrapp so popular? we suspect that can be summed adult in this App Store review: “it’s so easy and many importantly not a scam,” writes an different user. When you’re articulate about a use that fundamentally offers we giveaway money, and allows we to send giveaway trials, subscriptions, and present label dollars to friends, we can see because people would be wary.

I mean, really, giveaway income usually sounds like a scam.

But it’s not.

It’s a retailers themselves who are providing a supports for

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