New Benetton Ads Confront Prejudice, But Don’t Shock

23 Jan, 2013

Benetton’s new imitation debate facilities a infirm indication from Germany and a Brazilian transsexual, among other code ambassadors. Unlike prior campaigns that courted debate with intolerable images, a new ads don’t prominence or play adult a models’ differences. Germany’s Mario Galla has a leg prosthesis and apparent Brazilian indication Lea T is a transsexual, though that’s not apparent in a ads.

Benetton indication Mario Galla

Following a 2012 “Unemployee of a Year” campaign, that highlighted a predicament of immature people looking for work, United Colors of Benetton’s latest bid is behind to some-more informed domain with distinguished images of a colorful wardrobe being modeled by a whole new expel of code ambassadors.

In a past, Benetton has combined a name for itself by flash intolerable images in a ads, including a male failing of AIDS and, some-more recently, universe leaders kissing one another in a “Unhate” campaign, that won a Grand Prix during a Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

In what a association describes as an bid to confront prejudice, Benetton’s debate also includes Kiera Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, who is an active believer of UNESCO; Dudley O’Shaughnessy, British former inhabitant welterweight fighting champion; Uruguayan cook Matias Perdomo; and Californian Charlotte Free, who is famous for her pinkish hair.

Benetton indication and transvestite Lea T


A limited-edition T-shirt with images from a debate will go on sale around a world, with deduction going to Benetton’s Unhate Foundation.

Benetton Chairman Alessandro Benetton pronounced in a statement, “[This debate is based] on a iconic value of tone — a first value for United Colors of Benetton and once again during a core of a aesthetics and communications — to give a absolute avowal of a temperament and value of this brand, that binds farrago as a value, and a togetherness of differences as a resources to be treasured.”

The other models in a debate are Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, a Tunisian indication who is promoted as an instance to other Arab women; Alek Wek, who is committed to sketch general courtesy to a charitable disaster in her homeland of Sudan; and Elettra Wiedemann, daughter of singer Isabella Rossellini and granddaughter of Ingrid Bergman, who tries to pull courtesy to a sourroundings and healthy resources.

The debate was grown by Benetton’s in-house promotion agency, Fabrica, operative with Italian artistic studio Macsiotti. The association skeleton to continue a debate with an ever-changing expel of ambassadors.

Benetton is fluctuating a “color” thesis into a web presence, with a new website that uses color-coded hashtags for pictures, posts, phrases and tweets from Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter in an try to build an online village around a thesis of color.

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