How to Optimize Your Marketing Communications for Google  

How to Optimize Your Marketing Communications for Google i forez

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Website Pages and Blog Posts

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  • Put up to 3 keywords in the title
  • Add a dash (-) and have the name of your company
  • Keep the whole title to 69 characters or less.
    (Google and many other search engines only show up to 69 characters.)
  • Make it easy to read for humans. If the title seems “weird”, remove a keyword. It’s important that people can quickly read it and understand what the page is about.

opcje binarne forum strategie Examples of bad titles:

  • “Welcome to Company Name”
  • “Company Name”  (only shows the company name)
  • Services (not description or helpful to Google)


The headings on a page are the enlarged labels that sum up the content underneath. Google looks at the heading to understand further what this page is about.

How to Optimize Your Marketing Communications for Google image seo heading

  • Keep the headings human-friendly. This is very important.
  • See if you can get one of your keywords in the heading and still make it sound natural.

Good heading:
“Dog Training with Lasting Results”

Bad heading:
“Dog Training, Dog Obedience, Dog Fences, Puppy Preschool”
It’s clear that this heading favors Google’s robots rather than people. People don’t like it. Your customers are humans. Write for them.

Page Body Text

Include your keyword(s) again within the text of your page. si puo guadagnare facendo trading Once or twice is plenty. Gone are the days of cramming text full of keywords. Google has realized that having a keyword on your page more times than a competitor doesn’t necessarily mean you are more relevant. Truthfully, having keywords too many times on your page can actually hurt your ranking if Google thinks you are ‘keyword cramming’. Just write for your human audience and put the keywords in where they fit nicely. As long as Google can see a few keywords and the content is focused on a topic area – not a bunch of different things – Google will understand what your website is about.


Putting a link or two in your page content benefits the page you are linking to. lavoro internet con mac Linking is like recommending. When you link to another page, try to include that page’s keyword(s) in the link. This will tell Google that the page you are linking to is about these keywords.

binÓѓÒ¤re optionen strategie Example of a helpful link to another page:
…a wide variety of industrial ceiling fans are available…

Important Note: Only make a link using keywords if the page you are writing will be published in one place on the internet. Never make links using keywords on a page that will be published many times on the web – like in a press release. We’ll tell you why below.

Press Releases

The same guidelines apply to press releases as webpages or posts, however it is very important that bot opzioni binariue if your press release is distributed to many sites, never make links using specific keywords. Why? Google will all of a sudden see a bunch of links with exactly the same keywords going to your webpage. This looks like sneaky “SEO” (search engine optimization) and can hurt your Google ranking. Instead, simply link to your homepage using the name of your company. Company names are not competitive keywords and Google will not suspect any sneakiness. Linking to with your company name is perfectly normal and lots of these links are expected.

If this is truly a newsworthy press release, not just a sales pitch, I recommend using a service like PRWeb to publish it out to hundreds of websites. A truly newsworthy press release will get picked up on other decent websites and give links back to you. If it’s not news-worthy, only crappy sites will link to you – giving little or no benefit.


How to Optimize Your Marketing Communications for Google image seo profiles 600x234

What is a profile? A profile is a LinkedIn profile page, Facebook page, Digg website profile, profile, forum profile or any page on the web that gives profile-like information about you or your company. Profiles can be an easy way of getting respected links to your website. Linking is like recommending in the eyes of Google. So, to optimize any profile, simply:

  • Fill out all the profile fields with detailed information
  • Use your main keywords where applicable
  • Link to your homepage

Guest Blogging/Writing

If you are writing articles for other websites, you might as well let your Google ranking benefit from it. To do this, get a link from that article to your site. Ideally, this link includes your main keyword.

binäre optionen prozent signalgeber kostenlos Here’s an example:

“…our firm is an Indiana web design company specializing in…”
“…and as medical tourism gains popularity, it’s likely that…

Sometimes the publishing website doesn’t want to give you a specific link like this. That’s ok – just get a link to your homepage using your company name if you can. That will help Google see that others ‘recommend’ you. The more reputable the publishing website is, the more positive impact that link will have on your Google ranking.


These few simple habits can have a major impact on your Google ranking over time. The fact is: most of the companies I’ve come into contact with or heard about don’t do this yet. Why not share this article with the rest of your team? Your organization will be ahead of the pack with your entire team improving your Google Ranking as they go about their daily work. What are your thoughts? Please share them below.

How to Optimize Your Marketing Communications for Google image

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