Google Grants: An Introductory Search Advertising Guide for Nonprofits

25 Jan, 2013

Money in PocketDid we know Google allows many nonprofit organizations to spend adult to $10,000 per month in giveaway AdWords advertising? That’s right, Google takes caring of a check around a Google Grants program.

It’s startling how many nonprofit organizations (or people in general) aren’t wakeful this module exists. So let’s demeanour during what Google Grants is, and some-more importantly, some examples of how we can best take advantage of what’s available.

What is Google Grants and Why Should You Apply?

Google combined a Grants module in 2003 to concede 501(c)(3) organizations, e.g., free health caring centers, schools, etc. to publicize around a Google AdWords platform. Once accepted, these organizations have perceived adult to $10,000 per month to spend on Search ads, and in some cases adult to $40,000 per month for those who competent for “Grantspro” (see bottom of this essay for some-more information).

In terms of a routine to get Google Grants adult and running, we used to be means to request directly in one step with a really elementary form regulating your organization’s Employee Identification Number (EIN). But in new months Google started requiring that we request for a Google for Nonprofits module initial and afterwards to a Google Grants product once supposed in a altogether program, now creation it dual steps. Over time, a capitulation time has condensed yet can still take during slightest a month.

As we competence have guessed there are some caveats and restrictions to a module as mentioned on a Program Details page:

  • A daily bill contingency not surpass $330 USD, that is homogeneous to about $10,000 per month.
  • There is a extent cost-per-click (CPC) extent of $1 USD.
  • You can usually run keyword-targeted campaigns.
  • Your ads can usually seem on hunt (even yet AdWords typically enables we to run display, video and/or mobile ads, in further to hunt ads, if you’re profitable out of your possess pocket).

Examples of How You Can Take Advantage of a Program

Let’s get to some use cases:

  • Focus on brand.
  • Really consider about your goals.
  • Use it for pilots to build information and transparent bigger spend.

In terms of generally environment adult and regulating your ads, you’ll wish to use standard best practices (e.g., doing keyword investigate around your concentration areas, carrying tightly-themed campaigns, ad groups and ads to your keywords, essay duplicate with transparent call-to-actions). So if we don’t have a credentials and knowledge with pay-per-click advertising, afterwards we can simply find a creditable group to assistance we get your ads going and conduct them for you.

Focus on Brand

As mentioned above, AdWords ads that are run by a Google Grants module have a $1 max CPC. Because of this, it means:

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