‘Candy Crush Saga’ Update Will Suck Even More of Your Time

13 Dec, 2013

Candy Crush Saga usually perceived a large diversion update, adding an additional diversion universe and 65 code new levels. You know what that means: Prepare to spend even some-more time and income on a severely addictive puzzler.

The refurbish introduces a new diversion mode, Dreamworld. Any actor that has finished during slightest 50 levels of a strange Candy Crush Saga can entrance a new area by drumming (or clicking in Facebook) on a new character, Odus a Owl, on a diversion map.

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When we enter Odus’ Dreamworld, we have a possibility to play a new set of levels, this time, with a twist.

Although a customary match-three design of relating candies to pierce down equipment or blast preserve blocks remains, players now have an additional charge to keep in mind: Keep Odus from descending of his roost on a moon.

After a initial move, Odus a Owl has dual colored candies on any side. The thought is to keep Odus offset by clearing equal numbers of those candies. So if we transparent too many blocks of a yellow candy and don’t change out by clearing a few immature candies, Odus will tumble off a moon and your diversion will end.

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld

The good news is that each pierce (regardless of tone match) increases Odus’ moon power. Once a Moon Struck scale is filled, it will raze on a shade and mislay an whole tone from a board. The Moon Struck energy rewards players who do large moves value lots of points or that transparent lots of candies.

Right now there are 65 levels of Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld. The turn forms are identical to a customary Candy Crush game, definition some need we to strech a certain measure target, some need a actor to transparent a certain series of jellies and some need bringing down ingredients.

The turn of a diversion is identical to what PopCap did with a glorious puzzler, Peggle many moons ago, when it expelled an expansion, Peggle: Nights. we like this kind of appendage since it adds new calm to a diversion without creation it a apart knowledge or download.

It’s not transparent if Candy Crush builder King will enhance a strange diversion over a stream 500 turn limit, though we could see both worlds stability to get updates over time.

Candy Crush Saga is a many renouned diversion on Facebook and consistently one of a tip grossing apps on iOS and Android. It has been downloaded some-more than 500 million times in usually one year.

The diversion was creation $850,000 a day behind in Sep (a figure that has substantially usually increase) and as a result, King is reportedly looking during going public.

The refurbish is accessible for iOS, Android and Facebook.

Image: Candy Crush Saga, Screenshot: Mashable, Christina Warren

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