Ad Targeting Startup Adelphic Mobile Raises $10M Led By Google Ventures

05 Dec, 2012

Adelphic Mobile, a mobile ad startup founded by executives from Quattro (which Apple acquired and incited into a iAd program), has lifted $10 million in Series A appropriation led by Google Ventures.

The startup formerly raised a $2 million seed round led by Matrix Partners, who also contributed to a new funding. In a appropriation press release, Google Ventures Managing Partner Rich Miner pronounced Adelphic is “pioneering a new approach to code mobile consumers by holding immeasurable amounts of information and mining it to rise a holistic design of a mobile user for code owners.”

The association says it uses predictive displaying to broach improved targeting for advertisers, examining 30 opposite signals to establish a visitor’s age, gender, time, and place, and that’s already heading to a large alleviation in debate results.

Jennifer Lum was clamp boss of ad operations during Quattro, and she founded Adelphic with her former Quattro co-worker Changfeng Weng behind in 2010. She told me activity on a height is now coming a sum of 20 billion transactions, and a turn will assistance Adelphic continue to grow, both by expanding a tech group and by employing some-more marketers — with a group of 22, it hasn’t unequivocally had most of a offered group before this, she said.

Since Adelphic initial publicly announced a record and appropriation in March, we’ve seen a launch of a series of other mobile targeting startups (including AdMobius, that was also founded by group members from Quattro and iAd). Lum pronounced that seems like a “natural evolution” of a industry: “To take mobile promotion to a subsequent level, we unequivocally need to pierce divided from inclination and carriers to genuine people and consumers.” At a same time, she pronounced Adelphic’s record “is still flattering unique” — there are other companies charity information management, or connecting desktop targeting with mobile, since Adelphic is “really focused on mobile as a channel” and assisting brands know their audiences on that channel.


Adelphic Mobile enables fit shopping and offered of targeted mobile media during scale by a absolute and intelligent Predictive Data Platform™.

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Google Ventures is a financially encouraged try collateral arm of Google Inc., founded in 2009.

Google Ventures invests in startups in industries including consumer Internet, software, hardware, clean-tech, bio-tech, health caring and others.

They aim to deposit about $100 million a year, with understanding sizes trimming from seed to late-stage investments of tens of millions of dollars, depending on a theatre of a event and a company’s need for capital.

Google Ventures now invests in a U.S. and has offices in…

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Matrix Partners is a US formed private equity investment organisation focusing on try collateral investments. The organisation invests in seed and early theatre companies in a software, communications, semiconductors,

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