10 Mistakes You Always Make In Your Content Marketing Resear  

10 Mistakes You Always Make In Your Content Marketing Research

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bdwiss Not Following Enough

Of course the opposite is also true. Too few followers means you’re wasting a huge knowledge resource. The key is to find a balance. The best way to do that may be to follow a lot of people and then start to filter out the ones you often ignore.

binäre optionen broker mit demo konto Believing Everything You Read

The written word has an interesting effect on the human mind. When we see things written down, we tend to believe them. It is right there in black and white after all. When you’re doing your content marketing research, you need to take everything with a pinch of salt. Expert opinions are helpful, but you’re the only one who really understands your market.

buy doxycycline veterinary Focusing on Keywords

Keywords are a huge part of content marketing research. Everything you post online should include relevant keywords so that it can be found in search results. The danger is letting yourself become too focused on finding the best long-tail keyword for your content. Good keywords are important, but they rarely outweigh the cost of time wasted on content marketing research.

http://webdesignhat.com/get-nelio-ab-testing-for-wordpress-55-off/ opzioni binarie ischimoku Ignoring Keywords

That doesn’t mean you can ignore keywords altogether. Adding that extra level of accuracy to a keyword by using the most relevant long-tail version can give you a huge boost in search results. Just don’t let it become the most time-consuming part of the your content marketing research process.

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I often suffer from this problem. I write a lot of blog posts and read a lot of blog posts so I end up researching a lot of blog posts. There are plenty of other forms of content you can use in marketing your business; your research should consider every option. If you have a particular favorite type of content, try to put and focus on the marketing goal and the type of content your prospects want.

Inköps Inderal på nätet utan recept Not Doing Enough

The biggest mistake you can make with content marketing research is not doing enough. If you post something that you think is accurate and then discover you were wrong through a blog comment or social media response, it’s a pretty public embarrassment. Especially if the ‘fact’ is easy to check. Never assume you’re right when posting something on behalf of your brand.

diventare trader opzioni binarie Doing Too Much

As with so many points on this list, it’s all about balance. You can also do too much content marketing research. Once you have your content ideas clear and you’ve checked your facts, there’s no need to go looking for a third, fourth or fifth source of information. Once you have the piece planned, you’re ready to start. It’s all about balance.

deutsche bank on line trading Ignoring Good Ideas

When you see something you like, you need to learn something from it. Never look at something, think ‘that’s a good idea…’ and then just move on. We all do it, all the time and we really, really need to stop.

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Post by: Eoin Keenan

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This article originally appeared on SiliconCloud Blog and has been republished with permission.

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